Polypropylene Floating Yarn

Polypropylene Floating Yarn

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The Polypropylene Floating Yarn is not only used for fly tying, but can also be used to make inconspicuous strike indicators for nymph fishing - sometimes these indicators significantly outperform other “bobber” style indicators.

When used as a tying material, it is frequently tied into the ever-popular Klinkhammer or other Parachute flies such as the GR Parachute Dry Fly - the polypropylene material aids in both buoyancy and visual stimulation.

This floating yarn is also excellent in Sea Trout flies. It can be tied in as the shell for Pattegrisen patterns or other similar shrimp patterns, as well as in Scuds, nymphs and more. In streamers, the yarn can be tied in as a vivid biting point. The surface is slightly rippled and a bit rough, giving your patterns a nice textured finish.